Demand Grows for Senior Housing Designers

The senior housing designers here at ReTown are committed to the needs of our elder population, and these are interesting times. Our population is getting older day by day, because people who are members of the baby boomer generation are entering their 60s.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services maintains a very eye-opening website that is called According to the site, seven out of every 10 people that are turning 65 will eventually need assistance with their activities of daily living.

In some cases, elders that have mobility challenges can remain in their own homes if some modifications are made. They can receive any help that they need from family members, friends, and neighbors. However, for many, a move to an assisted living community is the better choice.

Since there are so many people attaining senior citizen status, senior housing designers are being kept quite busy, and we take a lot of pride in the work that we do in this arena.

Sabre Woods

The Sabre Woods project that we are part of is unfolding in Hickory Hills, Illinois. We like to target historic sites that mean a lot to the communities that we work in, and Sabre Woods is certainly one of them.

We used this name because the master-planned community is being built on the site of the legendary Sabre Room. This was a banquet hall that was in operation for nearly 70 years. Events that were held at the facility featured some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Liza Minnelli, and Johnny Carson.

Sabre Woods Senior Village is one part of this master plan. There are going to be as many as 84 apartments that are designed to meet the needs of seniors, and the community will include 20 single-family homes and dozens of additional assisted living spaces.

There is another aging phenomenon that senior housing designers must address. According to statistics compiled during the last census in 2010, the segment of the population that was at least 85 years of age was growing faster than any other. The Alzheimer’s Association tells us that about 40 percent of people in this age group have contracted the disease. As a response to this dynamic, Sabre Woods Village will be able to accommodate people with memory care needs.

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