Senior housing consultants, designers, developers. A Look at Senior Housing Trends

There is a very interesting demographic trend emerging in our country at the present time. When World War II ended, an unusually high number of babies were born in many countries, including the United States. This is called the “baby boomer” phenomenon, and people who were born between 1946 in 1964 are part of this group. Right around now, these individuals are starting to obtain senior citizen status, so there is an unprecedented aging of the population underway in our country. To give you an idea of the volume, the Social Security Administration tells us that they are accepting about 10,000 applications each and every day. This volume of applications will persist into the foreseeable future.

In light of this dynamic, senior housing is more relevant than ever, and this is an area that we specialize in. There are a few different forms of senior housing, and many older Americans who are still quite capable and active opt for independent living communities. Active retirement communities can be comprised of single-family homes, apartments, or condominiums, and the units are built to accommodate the needs of senior citizens.

Location is an important consideration when an independent living community is being developed, and many projects are built close to essential service providers, like grocery stores, shopping centers, and medical centers. The actual layout of these communities is also friendly to older people, and there are often many amenities. These can include beauty salons and barbershops, eateries, pharmacies, libraries, fitness centers, pools, arts and crafts studios, and there are even independent senior living communities that provide access to golf courses.

Memory Care Communities

When you are looking ahead toward the future, either for yourself or for an aging parent, you have to address some possibilities that are not entirely pleasant. Statistics tell us that someone who is reaching the age of 67 today will probably live into his or her 80s. The Alzheimer’s Association does a great deal of fantastic work educating the public about the disease. They have found that over 30 percent of people who are over the age of 85 have contracted Alzheimer’s. As a response, senior housing architects have developed memory care communities that can provide the ideal living arrangements for some people who are battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Here at ReTown, we continually do our part to take on projects and specialize in senior housing consultants, senior housing developers, senior housing designers.

In fact, at the present time we are part of a very exciting project in Hickory Hills, Illinois called Sabre Woods Senior Village, and we look forward to the exploration of new horizons in senior housing as time goes on.