Senior Housing Developers Help Families Cope

Senior housing developers are taking on some very important responsibilities right around now, because our country is going through an interesting phase. Our population is aging, and many senior citizens will eventually need help with their activities of living at some point in time.

How many you ask? The United States Department of Health and Human Services maintains a website called, and according to the site, 70 percent of people that are turning 65 on any given day will someday need living assistance. This should be an eye-opening statistic if you have always been under the impression that you will never need long-term care.

There are different levels of care that can be needed by senior citizens, and senior housing developers take this into consideration. People that can live comfortably in an apartment that is built to accommodate physical limitations often reside in long-term care communities. Others that require direct medical treatment on a day-to-day basis reside in nursing homes that are equipped to provide added layers of assistance.

Everyone has heard of Alzheimer’s disease, but you will probably be surprised when you hear just how widespread this scourge on our nation’s elderly has become. The Alzheimer’s Association does a lot of fantastic work educating the public, and their research indicates that Alzheimer’s strikes one out of every eight senior citizens (people who are at least 65 years of age).

This is a significant percentage, but the likelihood becomes greater as you get older. Somewhere in the vicinity of 40 percent of elders who are at least 85 years of age have contracted the disease. If you are fortunate enough to celebrate your 67th birthday, it is likely that you will live until you are at least 85, so this disease is a threat to all American families.

Senior housing developers are well aware of the ubiquity of Alzheimer’s disease, and they are building memory care units that are designed to accommodate the needs of people who are battling this challenge. In fact, we are working on a project in Hickory Hills, Illinois called Sabre Woods that will address the need for living spaces that are designed for people who require memory care on a day to day basis.

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