ReTown Urban Design Firm Has Effective Partners

Our urban design firm has been involved in many successful projects, and we are always ready to hear about the new possibilities that are out there. Since we have been doing this for a long time, we have been able to assemble a very powerful and effective group of team members and partners. There is wide ranging experience and expertise here, and this is one of the things that sets us apart from many other urban design firms.

Jim Louthen is the President and Managing Director of ReTown. He has over a quarter of a century of experience in the real estate development field, and he has worked in all facets. He has developed an impressive portfolio over the years, and one of his great strengths is the ability to obtain funding. He has a thorough understanding of private funding resources and public forms of funding like TIF redevelopment agreements and secured grants.

T2 Capital Management is a very valuable ReTown Partner. This is an innovative, forward thinking real estate company that is privately held. They provide financing in a quick and efficient manner when the right opportunity is there, and they also look for acquisitions. T2 Capital Management has an attention getting record of success. When you combine the accomplishments of their managers, you are looking at over a billion dollars invested in commercial real estate deals.

Most of the urban design firms Jim has worked with over the years have been in or around the city of Chicago, so he has a thorough understanding of this area. Chicagoland Realty Services is another greatly valued ReTown partner. In many cases, the master planned developments that we work on involve residential and commercial property that will be on the market after the project has been completed. Chicagoland Realty Services is always ready step up to the plate when our urban design firm is ready put newly minted units up for sale or lease.

Bondy Studio is a ReTown partner that provides the visuals. It is hard to get people excited about a proposed urban development project if they cannot see what it would like. Bondy Studio produces extraordinary architectural illustrations that are invaluable to us when we are putting a project together.

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