Welcome to Retown’s new horticultural expose entitled “Reforest” that highlights global ecosystems intended to spur a discussion about the intersection of real estate development and ecosystem restoration. You are invited to share a story about your favorite forest or ecosystem via Retown’s FaceBook page. We will feature a range of forests including the native Oak Savannah of Chicago to Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest to the prehistoric Wollemi Pine of Australia. While promoting urban development Retown wants to advocate for the landscapes of our planet and we invite your participation. Whether you are a trained arborist or a concerned citizen we can believe this conversation will advance the development industry while perpetuating a global forest for our next generation. Retown hopes to influence the planning & development industry and advocate for energy-efficient design and sustainable construction.

El Yungue

There is a common denominator between the current health crisis and climate change: To combat either of them, the entire society must mobilize. To mobilize the entire society, a feasible plan must be put in place. The Centre for Liveable Cities and the Urban Land Institute put together a report with practical guidance for city governments, businesses, and communities against risks such as rising temperatures, wildfires, droughts, storms, rainfalls, and rising sea levels.

The report highlights five coastal cities—Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Rotterdam, and Singapore—and their respective strategies and investments, documents international best practices, proposes principles for stronger public-private cooperation, and evaluates approaches that are transferable based on a city’s context and risk profile.


Source: Chicago Tribune

The secret mission to save Australia’s prehistoric trees

Australia’s prehistoric Wollemi pine trees were saved from bushfires in a secret government mission. The trees are located in a secret location inside the 5,000-square-kilometer Wollemi National Park northwest of Sydney.

Source: CNN