The Many Rewards of Urban Development

It is said that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. There is certainly a lot of truth in this, especially if your efforts make communities stronger. We got into the urban development field for just this reason. There is nothing wrong with developing real estate projects on land that is empty. However, there is something particularly special about rejuvenating urban areas that have been neglected to one a degree or another. You are breathing life into something with great potential that is lying dormant, and this is a very rewarding endeavor.

Plus, there are particular design challenge that come along with the territory when you are involved in urban development projects. In many cases, you are trying to integrate something new into an existing neighborhood that has been around for a very long time. There may be very distinct architecture that defines the district, and as an urban developer, you have to come up with a design that will seamlessly fit into the surroundings. Though it is challenging, it is very gratifying when you look at the finished project and see that you have been able to strike this delicate balance effectively.

ReTown is an integrated team that is comprised of urban development planners, building professionals including engineers, architects and a broad palette of contractors, and investors. The people who represent the core of our enterprise have well over a century of experience in the urban development field, and this is something that sets us apart from the pack.

Our company has the ability to bring together every piece of the puzzle in a highly efficient and cost effective manner. We coordinate public funding with private capital, and we have extensive expertise with municipal land use laws and zoning regulations. At the end of the day, ReTown is uniquely positioned to get things done. You can see some of our completed urban development projects if you take a moment to browse through the portfolio that we have here on our website.

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