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Retown is the answer if you are looking for experienced urban housing designers that you can rely on to help you conceive a plan and guide your project to a successful completion. There are many treasures all around our country that are waiting to come back to life. As urban housing designers, we have the experience and expertise that it takes to revitalize neglected areas and provide housing that can transform neighborhoods. We take a comprehensive, highly refined three step approach when we work on a project for a client. First, we create a master plan that takes every relevant factor into consideration, including the way that the housing development project will fit into the existing neighborhood.

Once we have the framework in place, we help our clients obtain the financing that they need to turn the idea into a reality. Our company has a great deal of expertise with public forms of financing, including revitalization grants and any tax credits that may be available, and we also have a private real estate project funding partner. T2 Capital Management is this very valuable resource, and they are an opportunistic, privately held company that specializes in real estate acquisitions and financing. When you combine their experience, the leadership of this company has been involved in more than one billion dollars worth of real estate investments, so they are well positioned to provide you with the assistance you need. Once these two phases have been completed, our urban housing planners can get to work on the third step, which is the actual hands-on execution of the plan. We can coordinate every aspect of the building process, from site acquisition to zoning and government official approvals to the actual construction.

Senior Housing Developers

There is a very profound demographic trend unfolding in the United States at the present time. The baby boomer generation is comprised of people who were born between 1946 and 1964. These people are reaching their senior years, so there is an unprecedented aging of the population underway. As a result, there is a growing need for the services that senior housing designers provide. This is another area of expertise for our company, so we are here to help if you ever want to discuss a project with experienced senior housing consultants.

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You can give us a call right now at 708.442.4545, and if you would rather get in touch through e-mail, our President and Managing Director Jim Louthen can be reached at: jim.louthen@retown.com