ReTown Urban Design Architects Rethink the Status Quo

People sometimes marvel at a work of art because they cannot conceive of the imagination that was involved. This is a dynamic that can also be applied to urban design architects. A person who is in another field of endeavor may walk down the street and see what is there, and of course, this is absolutely normal. On the other hand, a talented, visionary urban design architect will have two experiences simultaneously. The architect will see what is there like the ordinary layperson, but he or she will see what could be there as well.

This is what our company, ReTown, is all about. We endeavor to transform existing urban areas to maximize their potential, but we never lose sight of the history and the connection to the existing structures.

Our approach to urban rejuvenation has three distinct phases that blend into one another seamlessly. First, our urban design architects “ReThink” the area that we will be redeveloping, and we ask ourselves a lot of questions during this part of the process. How can we make the quality of life better for people in the area? How do we build a historical bridge from the past to the present? How will commercial property and residential structures interface? How can landscape architecture add another dimension?

The second part is the “ReInvest” stage. Because of our vast experience as urban design architects, we understand how to obtain the financing that is needed to execute our creative visions. In most cases, there will be a combination of private funding coupled with funding that is coming from the public sector.

When these first two pieces are in place, we go to work on the “ReBuild” phase, and ultimately, the vision that our urban design architects imagined at the outset comes to life. If you would like to see some examples of the work that we done over the years, take a few moments to explore the portfolio page on this website. We are certainly proud our past accomplishments, but we also look forward to the new projects that lie over the horizon.

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We would be more than glad to discuss a potential project with you if you have something in mind. You can reach us by phone at 708-442-4545, and you can also feel free to send us a message electronically through our contact page.