ReTown Urban Design Firm Eyes Demographic Reality

As a forward thinking urban design firm, we identify unoccupied or underutilized property, and we analyze the need that is out there. When things come together perfectly, we can transform an area that is lying dormant and turn it into something that fills a void. These endeavors are elegant in their efficiency, and they are quite satisfying personally and professionally.

One of the areas that we have been focusing on is surprising to many people. If you look at a part of a city that could be revitalized, you may naturally envision housing that is targeted toward young professionals with nearby commercial spaces for shopping and entertainment. This type of thing is definitely in our wheelhouse, but there is another possibility that we have been exploring.

During the postwar years between 1946 to 1964, there were an inordinate number of babies born. This phenomenon is called the “baby boom,” and these people that were once babies are now senior citizens or middle-aged individuals that are nearing their mid-60s. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, most people that reach the age of 65 will need living assistance eventually, and many will reside in assisted living communities.

Clearly, there are going to be countless older folks looking for senior friendly housing during the coming years. A lot of people who face, or will be facing, mobility challenges live in major cities. As a response to this demographic trend, our urban design firm is looking at locations that would be ideal for building homes that are built for aging in place and buildings that can house apartments that are modified to make it easier for seniors to function.

Memory care is another thing that is on our radar. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, about 40 percent of people who have reached the age of 85 have contracted the disease. Many of these elders reside in memory care facilities, and there is a shortage in some urban areas. As an urban design firm that genuinely cares, we are taking a long hard look at how we can help in this regard.

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