The Transformative Effect of Commercial Urban Design Architecture

Here at ReTown, we endeavor to transform neighborhoods in a positive fashion through the utilization of innovative commercial urban design architecture. We have assembled a very powerful team with a multifaceted set of skills, so we have the resources that it takes to complete complex projects from start to finish.

After we identify a piece of property within a community that can be enriched through the completion of a master planned commercial urban design architecture project, we consider the ideal way to integrate our vision into the existing framework. Our intention is to make significant improvements without doing anything to disrupt the surrounding areas. Integration is key, and we have been very successful on this level.

Our real estate planners understand how to address all the details, including the zoning and building regulations, and we work closely with government officials. These relationships can be invaluable when we are planning new projects in certain areas. We have affiliations with engineers, contractors, landscape designers, and other professionals and tradespeople who do the hands on work to bring the commercial urban design architecture to life. These pieces come together to create extraordinary structures and landscapes, but we keep our costs under control, and we always stay right on schedule.

Of course, none of it is possible without the appropriate level of financing. This is another area of expertise for our company. We have vast experience partnering with the public and the private sector to bring these projects to fruition. Funding sources can include tax increment financing, which is a public financing method that is in place to subsidize development, secured grants, and tax credits.

Over the years that we have been revitalizing communities, we have built a portfolio that includes projects that are collectively valued at over $100 million. That figure tells you a lot about our ability to obtain financing for our projects.

Get in Touch!

We would be more than glad to arrange a meeting if you would like to discuss a potential commercial urban design architecture project with us. Jim Louthen is the President and Managing Director of ReTown, and you can send him an e-mail at if you would like to set up an appointment or ask some questions. There is also a contact form on this website, and you can get in touch with us by phone at 708-442-4545.