Answers to Four FAQs About Retown Urban Design Planners

The name of our company quite elegantly explains our mission in just a handful of letters. We are urban design planners, and we revitalize cities and towns through our carefully thought out development projects. It is gratifying to be able to infuse life into historic buildings and neglected neighborhoods that are bursting with potential, and we are proud of the projects that we have successfully completed. In this blog post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the work that we do here at Retown.

Do you consider the impact your projects will have on the surrounding areas?

Our urban design planners master-plan projects at the outset with the intention of integrating the new development into the existing neighborhood. We definitely take the impact that the new construction will have on the outlying area into account. Our urban design planners actually endeavor to fill voids in an effort make the lives of residents and local business people more fruitful.

What about financing?

We have a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to securing the financing that is necessary to fund our projects. Since we have so much experience, we understand how to partner with the private and public sectors as we take advantage of things like tax increment financing and secured grants.

Can you cut through the red tape?

Our urban design planners are very knowledgeable when it comes to government regulations, zoning laws, environmental rules, and special interest groups. In fact, since we have completed many of our projects in Illinois, we have existing relationships with many relevant officials throughout the state.

Do you orchestrate the actual construction process?

When the plan and the logistics are in order, we partner with architects, engineers, landscape designers, construction contractors, and others to bring the concept to life in the real world.

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As you can see when you digest the answers to these questions, we provide comprehensive, turnkey assistance from start to finish. If you would like to learn more about what our urban design planners can do for you, we would be more than glad to discuss things in person. You can set the wheels in motion if you give us a call at 708-442-4545, and we also have a contact form that you can fill out right here on this website.